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Targeting the future

Today’s technologies and products do not yet allow us to look to the future, but this is where Stealth is focusing its attention. Electric mobility will be a natural part of our daily lives, not only for short journeys in the city but also and above all for normal journeys outside the city, to work, on holiday or simply for the pleasure of traveling. 

More powerful batteries, quicker recharge times and lower running costs are just a matter of time. The real challenge however is to anticipate our future needs and prepare for something different, something unique, something extraordinary. 

Our philosophy

“Whoever thinks that the ebike community is going to be satisfied with 250W, 500W or even 1000W ebike laws is dreaming. As long as the sun keeps rising, there’s going to be guys out there who will push the limits until they inadvertently find out what those limits are. By the same token we would like to help raise the standard of e-bikes, e-motorbike across the world and see those limits pushed further. I want to see how nutso these guys can get.”
John Karambalis
Founder & CEO


30 years of engineering, design and off-road experience, to create a world first – the Stealth Bomber electric bike. From a machine like nothing ever seen before, the appropriately named Stealth Electric Bikes company was born. Power, reliability and versatility were key features of the original Stealth Bomber and early adopters soon realised it was the ultimate freedom machine, silently and effortlessly  taking riders to places that they’ve never been on a motorcycle, at speeds they’ll never experience on  a regular bicycle.

To enlarge the share of this experience to a larger scale of customers we decided to join forces with C-Creative company. Their expertise in the field of motorcycle design and development, is of fundamental importance to confront this rapidly expanding market.

With most of the team still active in the moto and enduro scenes, Stealth continues to build world class machines at our Melbourne facility. Starting with the top priorities on every off roader’s list – power, stability and reliability backed up with high quality components, hand crafted chassis and precision  engineering, every Stealth is built to provide you with a lifetime of adventure wherever the trails may lead. While the majority of electric bikes on the market are based on a cross country or downhill bike  by adding a motor, batteries and throttle, Stealth’s design ethos draws a line in the sand by delivering  more bang for your buck.

Our Mission


Graphic Design

We are the NEED


we are the VIBRATION


we are the EMOTION

we are the electric THRILL that runs under your skin. We are the FUTURE OF PERSONAL MOBILITY. 

Growing Worldwide

Based in Australia, our horizons are aimed at a worldwide audience.  In 2021, our presence will be intensified throughout Europe and the USA, with a focus on building a widespread distribution and service network in the key mobility markets.  THINK GLOBAL, ACT LOCAL.
Current and future customers can be confident that the Stealth team will be there every step of the way. 



Building the Future

We will be by your side with a new range of products dedicated to light-independent urban mobility, to bring you from home to office braving pavements, cobblestones, and urban traffic.

We will be by your side with a new range of products dedicated to the next generation aligned to the mindset of today;


We will be by your side with a new range of e-motorbike to bring the Stealth attitude to THE NEXT LEVEL.

Future mobility is technology
Future mobility is emotion
Future mobility is STEALTH


Create a widespread network that can be a showcase and support to our growth


Offer a 360° service with the aim of providing personalized and dedicated assistance


Australian technologies, produce integrated, high technological, reliable and performance products

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